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Sora: Another fast spin on his heels, keyblade glinting dully in the dark as he slashed the last Heartless in half.

He straightened, breath coming in short gasps. He'd lost Goofy and Donald in the fray, having run down an alley or two to try and split up the large numbers. his blue eyes scanned the darkness surrounding him, knowing there were more just waiting. "Come out and get me." he murmured to the shadows around him, shifting back into his fighting stance.

Riku: Here. The smell of darkness was thick here. Riku exhaled, the tips of his toes hanging over the edge of the rooftop he'd climbed onto.

Sora was down there.

Soul Eater clutched tightly in hand, he threw himself down into the oncoming swarm, feet hitting the pavement hard.

"Having fun?"

Sora: If he hadn't been so tense to begin with, he probably would have jumped at Riku's sudden appearance, but he didn't even bother to look at the older boy, eyes still scanning the street in front of him. "Tons."

A Heartless suddenly rose up from the ground and with a quick slash, Sora got it first, sending it spinning backwards as he took a step forward and cut it in half in one smooth stroke, making it disappear. "You've come to help I hope," he asked over his shoulder as he made easy work of another Heartless.

Riku: He moved swiftly, Soul Eater slicing through shadows in one quick slash after another, a smirk tugging at his face.

"Nah, I'm here to be a nuisance. What do you think?"

Sora: "I like it better when we're on the same side... just to let you know." Another slash, another shadow falls. It hits him that this is how he always wanted to be fighting, with Riku instead of against. It was a nice change for once.

Shaking the stray thoughts from his head, he returned to concentrating on the heartless surrounding them.

Riku: Riku grunted as one came barreling straight into him, knocking it away with a hard slash. "... So do I."

And with that he started again, taking down one after the other, trying not to think about the nagging urge in the back of his mind to slip and summon Dark Aura.

Sora: "At least we can agree on one thing then." Sora replied breathlessly, as he ducked low to avoid a shadow that had jumped, sending Oathkeeper deep in it's stomach as he did so. He sprang back up just as quickly, blade in constant motion as he continued to hack through the mass. "They must - have decided they were bored or something," he muttered, half to himself, as he paused for a breath, only to get bombarded a second later.

Riku: "It's been," slash, "too quiet." Riku whirled, hopping over a moving puddle of darkness to get closer to Sora, slashing wildly to lessen the number of heartless around the boy.

Sora: "True. But you'd think they wouldn't ALL be bored at the same time." Half looks like he's flailing, as he slashes and twirls, though really he's in perfect control, hitting a Heartless with each slash. "Not - that I mind. This is fun."

Riku: He smirked in response, very aware of the movements around him, sending Soul Eater through another heartless. "Lots."

Almost without thinking, but very aware of it after it already happened, Dark Aura spiraled out through the alley, clearing it quickly of most of the remaining heartless.

Sora: Suddenly the Heartless were just falling at his feet, and Sora straightened and blinked once or twice, watching in amazement. It didn't occur to him till they were standing alone in the street that it had been Riku that had summoned the spell. His blue eyes widened as he looked up at the other boy, fingers working the handle of his keyblade.

"I...." he swallowed then tried again, "You.. where'd you learn that?"

Riku: Riku licked his lips, carefully searching the air for anymore of the things. "... Castle Oblivion." He turned as if to glance over his shoulder, voice soft. "I think that was the last of them."

Sora: "... Castle Oblivion?" he murmured, words rolling off his tongue. It sounded slightly familiar, like he'd heard it before, but he just shrugged and stretched, keyblade vanishing as Riku murmured that the coast was clear. He agreed as he scanned the area with his light eyes, still not really believing what he had seen. "That.. was.. a really neat spell Riku."

Riku: He mentally kicked himself for mentioning the place. Of course, Sora didn't remember. Stupid. He nodded and moved to stand with Sora, Soul Eater disappearing from sight. "... Thanks."

Sora: He grinned, and surveyed the area one last time. "Well that was a good night's work. Thanks for coming to help. It was more fun. And a lot easier." He lifted his arms up to cradle the back of his head. "How'd you know where to find me anyway?"

Riku: ... Erk. He'd have to explain the whole smell thing to Sora now too? Well, he did see the whole attack, and he didn't freak out about the darkness he'd used with it. And he'd already told Kairi... Okay, not mentioning that part and just answering now.

"I... could smell the heartless first."

Sora: Wait. What. Sora's brain backed up and replayed Riku's answer. He blinked and sputtered, "You could smell them?"

Riku: "... Yeah." Brilliant answer there. "The darkness, really." Oh, this was just sounding better and better as he went on.

Sora: Sora turned toward the friend, arms dropping. "You can.." he shook his head and raised an eyebrow, "smell darkness? So that's where you've been all this time. Learning. It makes sense now. Well okay not really. But a little more then it did before at least." .... Oh god, he was babbling again.

Riku: Well... that sort of made things a lot easier. Sort of.

"... Sorry I didn't tell you before."

Sora: "You had your reasons. But one of them shouldn't have been that you were afraid to tell me. Because that's a stupid reason." He glared good-naturedly at Riku, before tilting his head to the side, as if listening to something. "I better go. Donald and Goofy are probably looking for me. We'll talk more tomorrow or something."

And without waiting for Riku to respond, he took off at a run, part of him understanding, the other hurt and they were having a war that Sora didn't want to deal with while standing in front of his best friend.
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