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Welcome To Tonight's Mind Rape

There's a Riku and Sora log that comes before this, but pieces and I are complete dorks and are working on it. >>; It'll be up soon.

Zexion: Zexion had been wandering Twilight Town rather aimlessly for quite some time that afternoon--evening--whatever it was. Time was easy to lose in the perpetual sunset that blanketed the city.

And then, he had caught the faint whiff of a familiar smell. Like the clone's, but more... distinct. Concentrated. And far more focused.

He'd have recognized the boy by smell alone, even had his hair not given him away from a distance. But, feeling devious, he came up behind Riku, wondering how good the boy's senses had gotten.

Riku: Riku stepped out of the hotel, taking a deep breath to try to clear his head. It only made it worse. There was... That smell. He knew it. He knew it so damn well but he couldn't think straight right now.

Exhaling slowly though, the presence painfully obvious at his back, the name hitting him full force upside the head.

"... Zexion."

Zexion: "Good to see you recognize me, Riku." His visible eye was slitted as he reached out to put one gloved hand atop Riku's shoulder. "It's been a while, hasn't it? And I suppose you thought I was gone."

Riku: Riku cringed at the touch, shrugging away and turning to face the cloaked man, the blindfold helping him keep a blank face.

"I suppose it was too much to hope for, huh?"

Zexion: Zexion raised an eyebrow at the sight of the blindfold, but shrugged. It was, after all, one way to hone the senses. Though he did wonder if maybe there were other reasons he wore the cloth. He'd have to try to find out.

It couldn't be too hard.

A smirk danced over his lips. "I suppose so. Or did you wish you'd never run into any of us again? Never be reminded of how like us you are?"

Riku: Today was so not his day. Riku let a little bit of his frustration show about being stopped in the crowd by exhaling slowly, face turned off to the side.

"Let's see. Last time I saw you and your... friends... you did pretty much the same thing you're doing now. Fuck with my head. I'd think that yes, I did wish I'd never run into you guys again."

Zexion: "Why are you wearing the blindfold?" Zexion asked, seemingly out of nowhere. "Can't stand to look Sora in the eye?"

Riku: Riku's jaw seemed to set more firmly, a tension creeping up into his shoulders.

"To... so I don't need to rely on my eyes to find darkness." Why was he stumbling? Damn it. Damn it damn it damn it. Zexion was getting to him, and in the dark dark corner of his heart, he blamed Sora.

Damn it.

Zexion: Zexion knew when he'd hit a nerve.

"That's a lie. I can smell it." As if to demonstrate this, he took a deep breath before waving his hand before his nose. "You're marinated in it. The smell of lies."

Riku: No. No. "I'm not lieing. You're exaggerating. Even I can smell that." He wasn't going to let Zexion get to him like this.

Riku turned to walk away. "Get lost, Zexion."

Zexion: "Can you?" He grabbed the hood of Riku's cloak, pulling him back, and sniffed slightly. "Why, Riku, is that blood I smell on your hands?"

Riku: He almost growled in annoyance, turning around to shove Zexion away. "I told you to get away from me, Nobody."

Zexion: "Oh, my poor, poor Riku, have I struck a nerve?" His smirk grew. "Or do you blind yourself so you can't see that blood? So that you don't have to see what others think of you? So you don't see how badly you've broken your friend's heart?

Riku: Riku was silent then, having no response witty enough for that. He had broken Sora's heart. Sora had said so himself. And anything he did to argue otherwise would immediately be sniffed out as a lie.

Fists clenched, Riku mumured quietly, "You don't know a damn thing about him or me."

Zexion: "Ah, but I do. More than you think. Do you believe I have just been sitting around, taking my sweet time doing things, and doing nothing that had to do with you?"

He leaned forward slightly, fingers moving upward. He wondered if Riku would catch his scent in time, then shrugged as he grabbed the blindfold and yanked it off. Even if he had caught the scent, it was too late now.

"Why don't you open your eyes, Riku? Take a look at yourself. At how you look in this new world."

Riku: Riku let out a surprised yelp, eyes shut tight against the light that hit his face and stung his eyes. He couldn't even remember how long he had been wearing it, but it hadn't been long enough in his mind.

"You fucker!" Riku tried to make a grab for it, but the sudden focus of having to keep his eyes shut threw him off and he didn't get anywhere close.

Zexion: Zexion grabbed the collar of Riku's cloak, pulling the shorter boy upward into the air. "Smell it, Riku? Smell the hatred this world has for you? Why won't you take a look at yourself? The cloak you're wearing, the way you move, you are one of us."

Riku: Fucking Zexion. Just...

With a frustrated sound coming from his throat, eyes still clenched tight more in pain from whatever light was shining than wanting to keep them closed right now, he summoned Soul Eater to his hand and slashed madly at Zexion.

Zexion: Zexion dropped the boy without so much as a second thought, not even getting glanced by Souleater. And who was to say that he would bleed even if he had?

"Now, I wonder," he contemplated, just loud enough for Riku to hear, "if I were to loose this blindfold to the wind, however would you find it again?"

Riku: Well, whatever it was he was trying to achieve, it made Zexion let him go. Riku dropped to his feet, the handle of the sword clenched tight in one fist, a scowl on his face.

"I... I wouldn't." But he could always make a new, temporary one until he found something better.

He wasn't entirely hopeless.

Zexion: "You would." Threateningly, Zexion let the blindfold blow wildly in the wind. "And you know it as well as I do. Or have you gotten so used to the smell of your own lies that you do not recognize them anymore?"

Riku: He could hear the cloth moving in Zexion's grip. Riku forced himself to relax, to let go of Soul Eater and compose himself, eyes closed.

He'd forced himself to be blind for this long. He could manage without the blindfold for a small while.

"Whatever, Nobody. Whatever."

Zexion: Zexion smirked, knowing he had done more than enough for one day. Riku's will? Already weakening. All you had to do was get him angry enough, and his shell would splinter wherever touched.

"Enjoy being blind, Riku." He headed in the opposite direction, leaving the blindfold on the cobblestones behind him. The wind tossed it slightly, but other than that, it didn't move.

Riku: Riku bit his lip, snatching wildly at the blindfold and tying it back in place with clumsy hands. It smelled like the man in the cloak, but that hardly mattered right now.

He straightened back up, comparing himself to when he last saw Zexion and the other cloaks to how he seemed now. He didn't need to look closely at the reasons, or really, reason, why.

"Damn it, Sora."
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