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The attack of the clones


The past few days had worn Wakka down. Badly. He was irritable and cranky - if Tidus compared him to a woman one more time someone was losing an eye. Not to mention, people were staring as he waited for ..himself. Honestly, hadn't anyone ever seen a man carrying a baby in a sling before? He shushed Vidina gently, rocking his son back and forth to calm him back to sleep.

His other self could show up any time. Really.

Wakka finally found a street that lead to the clocktower, after some help from a friendly local. He was probably pretty late, so when he finally reached the open square around the clocktower he was running and kind of out of breath.

..And there was the Older him. With a baby. Woah man. Family guy.

"..Hey!" Wakka raised a hand in the air in greeting, jogging over, despite already being out of breath.

"Hey." Wakka just had to blink. Twice. This was just so..


"You really are a little me!" He was amazed. It was like a tiny clone of himself. He pushed down the urge to pet his little self on the head.. he was really cute as a kid.

Wakka wheezed a little, catching his breath before taking a good look at the 'big' him.

"...And you're a big me." ...What the hell was going on here? Weird enough that he'd been blitzing one minute, and the next he was facing up with his old clone?

Wakka'd been in the middle of changing a nappy when this all started. While it couldn't have come at a better time it was still.. weird.

"How could you be a little me, though? You're.. little. And not me, but you are." Ahh confusing.

"You got about as much clue as me, ya." Wakka scratched the back of his head, frowning a little. This was making his brain hurt.

Even now that the kid was in front of him, Wakka was still hesitant to ask.. it just seemed too far a stretch. "You said your Ma was still alive, ya?"

Wakka nodded. "Ya. Although..." He frowned a little. Was she somewhere around here? Was she still back on the islands? "...Dunno if she's here."

Wakka's brows knit. Poor kid. He knew what that was like. He tried to move on, busying himself with prying his fingers out of Vidina's mouth so as not to make him feel uncomfortable. "..what about Chappu?"

"....My bruddah?" Wakka blinked, taking a step back. "...He's...dead, ya. How'd you know about Chappu?" ...Oh, duh. Weird oldguy clone.
Wakka's face fell. Damn. He knew it was a long shot, but.."Chappu was my bruddah, too. He died fighting Sin a long time ago. My parents," he sighed, "..they died when we were little because of Sin too."

Shit. This day was just bad, man.

Wakka blinked, raising an eyebrow. "...They died cuz a sin? What'd they do?" Well, one Wakka can't expect the other to know EVERYTHING.
"Nah, not a sin, THE Sin. Sin was a monster from where we came from, I guess you could say." Wakka scratched the back of his head, slightly confused himself. "Your Chappu, what happened to him?"

"We....ah." Wakka scratched the back of his head. "...We swam out too deep off the Islands. Current got 'im. I tried to get to him, but... it pulled 'im out too far."

"Ah.. sorry t'hear that, man." Wakka looked everywhere but himself for a minute, trying to figure out what to say next. People were staring. Pffbt, hadn't they ever seen a guy and his clone before?

"Look, you know? I don't know if everything dat happens to me is gonna happen to you too.. but this one's not so bad." He shifted, lifting Vidina out of his sling gently. "This is my kid."

Wakka blinked several times, not exactly sure what to say. Yes, baby. Wakka never knew what to do around babies. They were all....babylike. And small and slightly blitzball shaped. Although you couldn't really use them as blitzballs, since they were squishy.

"..Ah. So...You're married, ya?"

Ah, that didn't work so well. Oh well. He lifted Vidina onto his shoulders, supporting his son by holding his back. "Yeah, I am. To Lulu. You ever know any Lulus?"

Wakka scratched the back of his head again, before shaking it. "Nah. Aren't too many girls on the islands. Just Kairi 'n Selphie, mostly."

Wakka thought about it for a second. Nope, he didn't know any Kairis or Selphies. "Ah, so I guess that's different."

Right. What now?

"I guess not everything's the same then." ...Well, that was good. Things were starting to get seriously weird.

"Still doesn't explain th-OW! Vidina!" He winced as Vidina thought it was the best idea to grab handfuls of daddy's hair and pull hard. Wakka grumbled and reached one hand forward to work his son's fingers loose. "..still doesn't explain why there's two'a us."

Wakka tried hard not to laugh as the kid tugged on the Big Wakka's hair, and...sort of succeeded. But he couldn't fight off the snort

"...Uh.. I dunno. But there is, ya?"

As soon as Wakka got one hand loose, the other went right back to grabbing. He grumbled something about damn kids and gave up, letting Vidina tug and gum on his precious red hair. The curve was something he took pride in, you know.

"But we dunno what it is, ya? Tell you what.." He winced again. This kid was going to be a great blitzer someday. "You find out what you can and I'll find out what I can and we'll meet again, yeah?"

Wakka nodded his head, trying not to stare at the kid chewing on Big Wakka's hair. Because it wasn't funny. Really. "Sounds good ta me, ya." Sora knew stuff, so he'd have to find out...SOMETHING at least.

"Ah, you just wait until you got a kid of your own. Then I'll laugh." Wakka snorted at his little self. "Until then stay safe, you know? Weird things happenin' all over."

Wakka nodded again. "Ya, you too." He decided not to even comment on the kid thing. He was WAY too young for kids.
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