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Rinoa: They were alone in the apartment. How that had happened, Rinoa had no idea, but she suspected Cloud was slightly weary of her now that she'd made them all fall asleep and he'd taken Aerith out for some resemblance of safety. And Yuffie was never around anyway.

She hadn't noticed at first, the strength she felt being pretty much a normal thing for her, but when her spell to cure a small scratch she'd managed to acquire from kicking her foot into the end of the bed had cleaned the entire room in the process, Rinoa sat gaping on the bed. And then scrambled to her feet, heading for where Leon was. And promptly rekicking her toes, against the doorframe this time, making her scream then curse. Loudly.

Leon: Which caused Leon to come running from the livingroom, looking ready to attack anything that had swooped down on find nothing. "...What happened?" He felt a little stupid for the sudden panic. He just...wasn't used to this.

Rinoa: "Erk." Rinoa flushed bright red, refraining from rubbing her toe further. It was throbbing like mad, but she put her foot down and made an apologetic face. "Nothing. Well, I was coming to see you because I did a spell and... behold." She gestured to the room around her, sparkly clean.

Leon: Leon blinked, looking around the room. " did a spell to clean the room?"

Rinoa: "No. I did a spell to heal my foot. A small spell, meant for light injuries." Rinoa made a face, feeling like an idiot.

Leon: ".....And it cleaned the room?" Leon blinked. He'd never heard of that kind of side effect to a cure spell.

Rinoa: "Er, yeah." That idiot feeling wasn't going away. "It usually doesn't. But somehow.. I don't know. I've just been feeling stronger lately. More powerful, even?"

Leon: Leon frowned, running a hand through his hair. "...That's weird."

Rinoa: "No joke." Rinoa couldn't help but smile at that and went to take his hand. Funny how natural that felt now. ...and she was thinking about it. And now it turned awkward. She'd already dragged him into a sitting position on the bed, but she let his hand go, pulling her feet up under her. "And then I whipped around and slammed my foot into the dooframe. That was me screaming."

Leon: "...Oh." Leon shifted his shoulders a little awkwardly, a light frown that usually meant he was thinking on his face. "....Might want to be careful. This place isn't exactly roomy."

Rinoa: "Thank you, Mr. States the Obvious." It might've been said in a slightly sarcastic tone, but Rinoa was smiling. She couldn't help it. She kept smiling whenever she saw him now.

Leon: Leon shut up at that. Because he now felt stupid. Which he didn't like much. "....So you're alright then?"

Rinoa: Rinoa turned slightly towards him, tilting her head just a tad. "Fine. Did you come running to see if I was okay?"

Leon: "....Sounded like it was something more than stubbing your toe."

Rinoa: She had been about to tell him how she appreciated it, but it made it harder now. He seemed extremely tense, just by having her close. So she pulled away, her legs back down to the floor, changing the subject. "I don't know why, but after that whole... thing with Laguna, I've felt like this."

Leon: "...Hn." Leon got that frown again. He'd been feeling a little weird himself. Besides, when he'd been fighting through the heartless...he'd been able to fight through them. That many heartless in the past had proven more of a challenge previously, but he'd just credited that to worry. To being afraid Rinoa would be hurt.

Rinoa: His lack of reply didn't discourage her though. Getting up from the bed, she frowned and started to wander around the room restlessly. "It's like I've gotten more powerful, yet I'm still me. It's not like Ultimecia's power, because I can feel she doesn't like it, but it's still there and I think it's growing stronger all the time. And not just since Laguna, since... well, er, yeah." She was flushing again. Dammit.

Leon: Leon paused. "....You're a Sorceress...even without Ultimecia...right? Maybe it's your natural growth?" That would make sense, right?

Rinoa: Rinoa shook her head, and relaxed once the air calmed her flush. "It's not the same kind of power. Sorceress powers are the same, so if those grew, I think Ultimecia would be jumping for joy."

Leon: "....I see." Well, he was stumped then.

Rinoa: "It's like... I don't know. Sort of a warm power." She drew her arms up around her, closing her eyes, trying to feel for it. "It's light, like my other magic is dark. Or hazy. This one is more glowing."

Leon: "....Light, huh?" Leon frowned a little. There was, of course, a lot of need for that right now. "....Maybe you're developing abilities to combat the Heartless." Or maybe that had something to do with her being able to fight Ultimecia off.

Rinoa: "...maybe." Rinoa agreed, nodding, her arms falling down at her sides as she opened her eyes again to look at him, feeling oddly peaceful for some reason. "That would be useful, at least."

Leon: "...It would be." Leon watched her for a long moment before reaching his arm out to take ahold of her hand, and hopefully tug her back down onto the bed. Her choice, really. And he knew he was doomed after that kiss the other day. But he was oddly okay with it.

Rinoa: She had been about to say something, but then she looked down as his hand found hers and let herself be guided back down on the bed, sitting closer than she had before. "Uh, hi."

Leon: "...Hi." Okay, so he couldn't think of anything better to say. He was an idiot.

Rinoa: He didn't have to, not around her, not if he didn't want to. Instead she smiled and leaned slightly forward, her fingers intertwining with his. "We'll figure it out later, yes?"

Leon: Leon nodded his head slowly, watching her. "...Right. Later."

Rinoa: Doing something she wasn't exactly sure if she was allowed to do, Rinoa reached out and put her other hand on his shoulder, sliding herself gently into his lap. "Is this okay?"

Leon: ..............yeah. That was okay. He cleared his throat a little. "....It's fine."

Rinoa: Biting her lip softly, she looked at him, trying to determine if it was safe to kiss him again. He was so very much like Squall this way that it hurt. She could never be sure if he would push her away or where the lines went, if she'd crossed it already...

Averting her gaze, she took her hand off his shoulder, letting it rest in her lap instead. She didn't want to stretch his limits.

Leon: Leon stared at her for a long moment before leaning his head forward to tentatively rest his chin on her shoulder. "....What are we here, Rinoa?" He needed to know. Cloud seemed to be under the impression that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Were they? Or was there more than that? Or less? This whole...affection...thing. Was confusing him.

Rinoa: "I don't know." Rinoa looked up, though not at him. There was a point on the wall she stared at for a few seconds before looking down again. She wasn't sure if she should say this. "Squall... you were my Knight. Every Sorceress needs one. To keep them grounded, sort of. Or else we go crazy bitch like Ultimecia." She looked at him now, trying to smile. "And in being my Knight, you were also... I don't know. We were together. And I understand if you don't want that or if it's too much, but I..." I want that.

Leon: "....I think I knew." Leon looked up at her, his gaze steady. "...I felt...from the moment I met you...That I needed to protect you. That's why I didn't want you...going out without me. Because I didn't know if I could protect you then." ...It was weird that he was admitting this, but she was almost as easy to talk to as Aerith was, in a sense.

Rinoa: "Oh." Rinoa whispered softly, looking back at him. "I.... want you. To be my Knight. If you accept."

Leon: "...I will be." Leon replied equally softly.

Rinoa: Rinoa smiled then, leaning forward to rest her own head in the crook of his neck, her hands moving around his back again. "Thank you."
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May 9 2005, 19:15:33 UTC 12 years ago

What fluff. You guys really do the characters justice. <3

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