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Jack & Elizabeth - getting to Twilight Town

She dropped the heavy staff, panting and taking a moment to look around. There were only a few of the pirates left, most on the ground and a few getting back up. Jack and... Barbossa (a shudder of disgust ran through her at even thinking the name) were a little ways away, putting on a balletic dance of swordsmanship. It was nothing like Will's, who was good in his own right but nowhere near their league. Speaking of Will...

She couldn't spot him. Maybe he was in another part of the cave, driven back by one of the pirates? She started off to go find him, but stopped short when the shadow in front of her seemed to grow... eyes.

Blinking, she watched as it took form, rising up from the ground. One hand clawed at her and she screamed, turning and running back the way she'd come.

This was beginning to get extremely tiresome. Jack wondered if that stupid kid was ever going to make his move. He could keep this up forever, which was scared him. After taking the coin from the treasure chest and now finding himself completely immortal save for the very nasty zombie getup. He had to wait for the opportune moment. He kept saying that didn't he? And now it was going to bite him in the arse.

Screams filled the room and he turned his head. Elizabeth. Elizabeth!? What in bloody hell was going on over there? And why wasn't Will helping her?

Giving one last shove of Barbossa down upon his ugly old butt, he made for where Elizabeth was, prancing toward her as he did. "Commmmmmminnggggg.." Sword drawn, ready to hopefully kill whatever was harming her.

"Jack!" She had never been so glad to see him. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered where Will was. Wasn't he supposed to be the one rescuing her? But she was being chased by... something, and Jack was there, ready and willing to do the saving.

As she ran towards him, one of the pirates she'd knocked to the ground reached out, grabbing ahold of the bottom of her dress, causing her to trip and fall. Gasping for air, she turned over to see the shadow above her, ready to slice her to ribbons with its long, pointy fingers.

He really shouldn't be doing this. He should be back kicking Barbossa in the head or somesuch. But it's not like they could stop Barbossa without Will and that ponce had buggered off somewhere. He was going to have to really make him a eunuch if he didn't show up. Especially because...

Those weren't zombie pirates attacking Elizabeth.


His sword out, he made to cut off those fingers or whatever they were, slicing through them. Finally it seemed to dissolve and Jack bent down to help pick her up. "What in bloody heck was that?!" he asked, like she would know.

She clung to his arm, turning her head to glare at him. Yes, even with everything going on, she could still find it in her to glare at Jack. Honestly, he was just so... uneducated. Not that her education and manners were going to get them out of this little bind. It'd take his skills as a pirate to do that.

"How the bloody hell should I kn-" She was cut short as about ten more of the things popped out of the ground, going directly after her.

"Oh holy fu -- "

Jack was cut off as one of the things sprang for him, knocking him down onto the ground. He was getting really really sick of that. It made his butt dirty. Whatever. He lunged with the sword, trying to attack but there was too many of them. Looking around he looked for Elizabeth. "I think the time has come for us to retreat, luv." getting up after sticking one with his sword. "As in.. now." grabbing her hand, he didn't wait and only fled. Fled like his pants were on fire. Which they weren't. Because he wasn't lying.

She ran after him, only one thought on her mind; escape. She thought that with them fleeing the shadow things would attack the pirates left in the cave. No such luck, as more spawned and started going after them.

One hand clutching at her skirts, lifting them up so she wouldn't trip, she looked back at the encroaching darkness. They reached the mouth of the cave soon enough, and the boat that would lead them back out of the island and to the ships. Something else hit her then, though, making her stop so suddenly that she nearly fell over.

"Will! We can't leave him!" Breaking out of Jack's grasp, she turned, ready to run back in there. "Will!"

Ooooh no. None of that. "You are NOT going back in there!" Jack announced rather loudly and went to grab her by the arm. Of course that didn't work too well. She was strong for such a .... woman. Which meant she had womanly parts and if he thought about that now well...

Besides, things were coming after them, many many too much things and even though HE was probably in no danger of getting killed, they were.

Wait. No danger of getting killed? Why was he doing this again? Oh yes, because he was scared.

Trying to get her to stop charging back inside led to very much one of the prissiest slapping fights one would ever witness if they happened to be watching (and laughing their arse off). That wasn't working either. And so.. without much further ado, Jack Sparrow said "Sod it." and lifted her up over his shoulder and took off as fast (or rather as slow as he possibly could) "No time lass.. no time.. if Will's in there.. well..." he didn't want to finish that sentence.

"Jack!" she yelled, the last part of it consideriably higher than the first as the air was forced out of her lungs from him throwing her over his shoulder. Staring back at the cave, it was completely black now. Not just covered in shadows, but black. The kind of black that only existed in a persons nightmares.

Reaching back with one hand, she tried to make herself believe that she could see Will coming, but it was too late. They were in the boat, she was dumped unceremoniously on her ass in the opposite seat, and he was rowing out of there. The darkness followed them, reaching out with tendrils as if to try and lure them back to its grasp.

Eyes shiny with unshed tears, she looked away, towards the Pearl. It was silent over there... a little too silent. In fact, she couldn't hear the sounds of fighting from the other ship either.

And he was rowing. Rowing faster and heavier then he had in his life. God he wished Will was there so that he could row this damn thing. Someone else. Anyone but him.

At the thought of Will, he turned his head towards her. She looked.. well she looked sad. He hated that look. At least she wasn't angry. Angry caused all the rum to be gone. Thinking about the rum being gone made HIS eyes glisten with tears. Woe. Poor rum. He said nothing as he kept rowing back to the ship. Of course he wasn't paying much attention to the fact that Pearl was completely silent as well. Not until they were at least halfway there and then he stopped rowing.

"Um... Elizabeth...."


"I haven't accidentally gone deaf have I?" He could hear himself though. That made no sense.

Holding her breath, she held herself completely still, staring blankly out at the water. "No, I can't hear anything either." It was unnatural. And it scared her, more than anything she'd gone through so far.

She grabbed one of the oars and started rowing herself, controlling her shaking hands remarkably well under the circumstances. "We have to get to the Pearl. That... stuff is still after us." The Pearl could outrun it. As Jack had said, it was the fastest ship ever, nigh uncatchable. They could escape and wait for... whatever the stuff was to go away, then come back and find Will.

Ooh good. He hadn't gone deaf. He could hear her. Right. But that still left the fact that everything was incredibly too silent.

And she was rowing! Maybe she wasn't useless after all. At least he didn't have to row so hard himself. And with that he took up the extra oar as well. "Yes.. to the Pearl.. where it's so quiet that even Cotton would've been told to keep the noise down?" Okay maybe that didn't make any sense but it made sense to him dammit! Cotton was all without his tongue and couldn't speak and thus silent and.. yes.

What was he thinking about again? Oh right. The Pearl. "Hopefully we can outrun it.. if it's not already.. on board." And then he gulped. Visibly.

She didn't say anything else the rest of the way to the ship. It didn't matter, though, because usually Jack could fill the silences left by her lack of words. He was always good at that.

The boat bumped against the hull and she reached up, catching hold of the rope and began to climb, slower than an experienced pirate or seaman, but faster than normal. When she reached the top she took a look around before hoisting herself up. It was just too damn quiet, especially since she'd released the rest of the crew before heading out to the island by herself.

There weren't even any of those little shadow things, which was troubling. But she wasn't going to worry about that now. All of it was trivial and could be dealt with later. Right now, their top priority was getting out of there alive. Running over to the masts, she released the sails full out.

Jack followed her up, trying really hard not to tell her to hurry up. Her corsets and all of that frilly stuff kept getting in his face, and he continually had to bat at it, spitting it out of his mouth. "What is it made of? Cat hair?" he mumbled entirely to himself as they finally got up on the ship.

Once they were up on the ship he looked around, keeping his hand at his sword just in case. Now he was really hating the fact that he only had one shot left in the gun. And thank god the little miss knew how to set the ship up to go. He busied himself drawing the anchor up. He felt bad for his mates, but this was one time he was definitely going to stick to the code. Get the heck outta dodge.

Once she was done she hurried up to him, just in time for the ship to start moving. She finally let out a breath, but was nearly knocked off her feet as the Pearl rocked violently. Waves crashed hard on the hull, and as she looked back out over the ocean she saw... nothing. It was all black, the sky violent and dark and swirling vortexes filled it, sucking up everything and destroying it. The Pearl seemed to be outrunning it, though, and she turned to Jack, eyes wide with fear and a desperate hope. Hope that he would get them out of this.

Jack hurried over to the side and peered down into the waters with a paralyzing look of fear on his face. Even when Barbossa had made him walk the plank things hadn't been this bad. Moving to the bridge he grabbed a hold of the wheel and began to try and get the bloody ship to go faster. This thing was supposed to be faster then every other ship out there.

"Don't just stand there lass.. make yourself useful.. grab a weapon.. just in case."

She stared at him for a few moments before nodding, searching around the deck until she found a discarded sword. She wasn't near as good with it as him or Will, but she knew to hold the blunt end and stick the pointy end in to the enemy. In this case, any of those shadow things that happened to pop up.

She ran back up to him, watching as they sailed, faster and faster away from the darkness. They couldn't go like that forever, though. Something would have to give. Something would have to...

And then they weren't in the water anymore. They were still moving forward, but in the air, in to the sky, away from the planet that was slowly being swallowed by darkness.

He didn't know what to do except to keep sailing forward. Thankfully it was just like sailing in water he thought maybe. But he couldn't see anything now. Just the blackness. Finally he gave up the wheel. It was useless. Not like they were steering towards anything. Not anymore.

He came by her and pulled out his own sword and put his back up against hers. Just in case of course. "What in bloody hell... " he paused and then let out a very loud. "THIS ISN'T BLOODY FUNNY!" Yeah. That'd show em.

The sky faded to a swirling mess of pink and purple and blue as they left the planet She wasn't even going to ask how they were able to breath here. Nothing made sense. Not anymore.

Frozen for a few more moments, she eventually let herself sink to her knees, watching the world, their world, disappear in to darkness. Their was light ahead, but that was all she could focus on.

"It's gone... It's all... gone."

Just like his rum. Maybe they were IN a big bottle of rum. That could happen. Uh. Right? No.. no it couldn't.

Jack was a bit too busy looking around to pay attention that she had fallen on her knees. He was oblivious to that sort of thing even if he was supposed to rescue damsels in distress. That was more of Will's job then his. He went from one side of the ship to the other, looking for something. Some kind of.. land he supposed.

And then he saw the light. "Well at least in that light there can't be any shadow things can there?" Maybe the first intelligent thing he'd said since they started this mess.

The sword dropped from numb fingers and she looked up at him blankly. It took a moment for his words to register, and only then did she gaze ahead. Squinting a bit, she shielded her eyes and leaned foward. "There's something in the distance. Another... world, I think. We should head for that."

Another world. Well, at least it was something. In fact he didn't seem too scared now that he could see light. He'd deal with the rest of the stuff later. It was just him.. him and Elizabeth. Not Will. He wasn't sure if he should be thankful for that or not.

"Well I certainly hope they have something to drink!" and with that, he went back to steering, heading for whatever was ahead.
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