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Who: Clone and Namine
What: IT'SSODAMNCUTE. Er, I mean, Clone and Namine reunite.
Where: Somewhere. Definately somewhere
When: Sometime after Clone broke out


He had been looking for a while now, and had finally found her. Souleater in one hand, he used the other to pry open the small window to her room. He climbed inside hurriedly and looked around, adapting quickly to the darkness of the room. His eyes took longer to adjust than the rest of him, however, so he couldn't see if she was really there.

"Namine?" he called, softly. "Namine, are you in here?"

At this point, she couldn't really remember what light looked like. There were the ocassional smudges of it, here and there, but nothing to seperate it completely from the darkness around her.

It was probably why she could distinguish him so easily from the rest of the room. She stood, journal clutched tightly in one hand, and walked towards him slowly.

"Riku. You came for me..."

He was not nearly as slow in his movements as she was. He rushed over to her, holding her at arms length and looking over her, checking for injuries and the like.

"You're okay," he said at last. "You're okay." And then he pulled her into a tight embrace. "I'm so glad you're all right. I was worried that they had..."

She froze for a moment, unsure of what to do. Was she supposed to hug him back?

Tenatively, her arms reciprocated the embrace, free hand going up to his hair. He was real. He was real. She wasn't imagining things.

Namine tightened her arms around him, smiling slightly. "You're here now. I'm alright."

"I'm getting you out of here. Out of here and away from them," he whispered. "We've got to hurry, though. Zexion'll have noticed I'm gone by now." Despite his words, he made no motion toward the window.

"Sora and the others were worried about you. Real Thing, too, a little. But... I was scared, Namine, scared that they were forcing you to do those things again, and I know how much you hate them..."

"No. No. They'll never use me again... us again. Never. I... won't let it happen! I'll fight back if I have to! No one else will get hurt... because of me..."

She stepped back a little, taking one of his hands in hers. "I was scared for you as well. I didn't know... what had happened..." Hanging her head, she stared at the ground, refusing to look up at him. She didn't deserve to. "I was so afraid that you had just... disappeared. But you're a real person. And real people can't just disappear. ...Don't ever vanish on me, alright?"

"I don't plan to go anywhere. I can't, not as long as I've got you to protect." He brought his free hand up to her face. "I... Namine, none of this was your fault. Okay? It was my choice to come and look for you. I'm the only one responsible for what happened. I'm fine now. And you're going to be okay. That's what counts."

She looked up again, eyes hopeful. "Alright. If you say it's so... then it must be true." She looked back towards the door, then at the window. "We should leave soon. It's too dangerous to stay any longer."

He nodded and picked Souleater up from where he had dropped it on the floor. "Yeah. I think we can find somewhere to stay if we look around. And I'll keep the Heartless from getting anywhere near you. Promise." He tugged her gently toward the window.

Namine smiled gratefully at him, going up to the window. "Right. Thank you... for protecting me." Her gaze traveled up to the sill. She was uncertain whether or not she could get up there. "Um... a little help?"

He grinned. "Don't worry. I've got you." He jumped onto the sill and bent down, offering her his hand. "Here. I've got you."

Tossing her journal over the window to the ground outside, she reached up, grabbing his hand with one of hers and his forearm with the other. "I trust you to not let me fall here, Riku."

"I'm not ever gonna let you fall, Namine," he said, pulling her against him and carefully hopping back to the ground, her still in his arms. "That's a promise."

She blushed, her line of sight fixed firmly somewhere around the area of his neck. Why did him saying that make her feel all fluttery inside? None of the Unknowns had ever cared about her, just what she could do. But he... he cared. Sora had cared too. But she hadn't felt like this around him.

"A promise?"

"Yeah. A promise." He landed safely and released her. "Just like... in the memories. Fake or not. I'm gonna protect you, Namine, and I'm gonna make sure nothing hurts you ever again, okay?" Though he had released her, he kept a grip on one hand.

"Like I said, we can make new memories, together. You're my future now." She took a look back. As uncertain as her future was, she would rather be with him and brave whatever may come than be back there.

"Right. And I'll watch over you. Always." Picking up her journal, she kept her hand in his, then nodded in a direction away from the place. "Let's go!"

"Right. We're going. And we're going... to make more memories. For each other." He tightened his grip on her hand, just slightly. "And together. I'm not letting you go again."

He took a step forward, Namine beside him.
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